Rodanco is awarded innovation funding

Rodanco B.V., a small but fast-growing SME, has obtained a so-called “MIT” subsidy. MIT stands for “SME innovation stimulation Region and Top Sectors” and is designed to support innovation in the Dutch regions and top sectors. Rodanco B.V. received the award for innovation financing from the province of North-Holland. In this way, the province of Noord-Holland stimulates innovations in SMEs that should lead to new business.

With its head office in Alkmaar and R&D facilities in Amsterdam, Rodanco B.V. use the funding for a feasibility study of a new project. V.R. Lachman (Managing Director) of Rodanco B.V. said: “With this grant, we are going to boost our resources and R&D innovations to study the feasibility of a new product. The regional government supports our ideas that we want to translate into innovations. At the end of the feasibility study, we want to continue to develop a new process that should lead to a new product. We are very happy and honoured that the province of North-Holland supports our innovation.”

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