Achilles approves Rodanco as an registered supplier for International Oil Companies

Founded in 2004, Rodanco BV manufactures bulk chemicals, develops specialty products, and tailor-makes fuel oil additives and oilfield process chemicals for International Oil Companies (IOC).

As part of continuous and sustainable long-term business growth Rodanco seeks to build strong relationships, especially with International Oil and Gas producers.

Today, we are excited to announce that Rodanco has become an approved and registered supplier for a major IOC.

This major IOC use global and standardized systems by working with Achilles. Achilles collects and validates suppliers data to mitigate risks globally.

This data-driven insight builds more secure, sustainable, better performing supply chains. As supplier for this major IOC, Rodanco has passed the qualification and validation processes successfully.
With the approval and registration by Achilles, Rodanco has demonstrated it complies with and contributes to:
-Business Integrity;
-Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Performance;
-Labour and Human Rights.

For more information about Rodanco and their services, please contact us at