To meet our clients’ every need, we develop, produce and supply Fuel Oil Additives and Oilfield Process Chemistry for a wide variety of applications.

Crude oil
From recovery to refinery, our solutions resolve any perceivable problem in crude oil. Our products include demulsification aid for oil/water separation, flow improvers (pour point depressant), H2S-scavengers, asphaltene and paraffin inhibitors.


Diesel Oil / gasoil
We have technology available to help you resolve off-specification issues in diesel related to haze, stability, mercaptans, H2S, pour point, cold flow properties, lubricity, cetane no. or dyes/markers. Needless to say, we only use additives without any adverse e ects.

With gasoline, problems with regard to haze, stability, conductivity, H2S and mercaptans are all too common. Our balanced product line offers you the right solution for every occasion.

(Heavy) Fuel oil
Primarily used as a power generation fuel or as marine bunker fuel, fuel oil has its own specifications for every application with regard to H2S content, pour point, water content and stability. Rodanco helps you comply with these specifications and tackle related challenges like combustion improvement with a wide range of products like demulsifcation aid (oil/water separation), flow improvers (pour point depressant), H2S-scavengers and wax inhibitors.


This generic term covers “unfinished products” such as gas oils (VGO), naphtha and residual oil that are used to blend stocks for end products or as feedstock for finishing processes. Intermediates typically lack any product specifications, but may be required to comply with regulatory specifications depending on the market or user they are shipped to. Rodanco offers you the additives to make sure they do.

Bio fuel (bio diesel / bio ethanol):
For the ever increasing bio fuel market, Rodanco offers CFPP improvers (cold filter plugging point improvement), oxidation stability improvers and corrosion inhibitors to optimize bio diesel and bio ethanol.

Waste oil / slop oil
Waste oil is a generic term for industrial water-in-oil emulsions, often with a variety of impurities. Treatment with Rodanco’s demulsification aid helps separate the oil from the water and any solid impurities with optimum results.

Industrial waste water
With our flocculation aid and anti-foaming aid, Rodanco creates the best possible conditions to process your industrial waste water.

Three pipelines


Oxidation-retarding additives with the additional advantage of gum formation reduction qualities for multiple fuel streams.


Additives that prevent the formation of emulsions. By changing the surface tension between oil and water, water droplets are forced to coalesce

Pour Point depressants

Additives that lower the pour point or low temperature fluidity of a variety of petroleum products and improve flow characteristics.


Additives that prevent bacterial growth in fluids in order to avoid additional contamination.

Cetane No. improvers

Additives that increase the cetane number of middle distillate fuels to improve ignition quality.


Additives that prevent foam formation by lowering the surface tension between air and the liquid involved.

CFPP improvers

Additives that improve the Cold Filter Plugging Point of middle distillate fuels to reach better fuel flow.

Octane no. improvers

Additives that improve the RON/MON number of gasoline and naphtha streams.

Corrosion inhibitors

Additives that protect lubricated metal surfaces from chemical attacks by water and other contaminants.

Mercaptan Scavengers

Additives that reduce the volatility mercaptan levels in petroleum streams reducing problems in the process like odour and corrosion.

Conductivity improvers

Additives that reduce electrostatic charge build-up to limit the risk of spark generation during high volume fuel oil transportation.

Industrial water chemicals

This includes our flocculant range, coagulant range, reverse demulsifier range.

Industrial cleaners

Chemical blends of surfactant agents to remove and clean up impurities, deposits and contaminations, applied in a wide range of industrial processes.

Cloud Point improvers

Additives that improve the Cloud Point (at which wax crystal formation occurs when cooled down) of middle distillate fuels.

Lubricity improver

Additives that enhance the lubricating e ect of middle distillates.


Dyes and markers are used to colour and mark the di erent fuel oil streams.


Chemical additives designed to restore, enhance or disguise odours.


Additives that prevent the formation of emulsions. By changing the surface tension between the respective liquids, these are quickly separated and broken into their constituent state.

H2S Scavengers

Additives that neutralize the poisonous hydrogen sulfide gas in petroleum streams in order to achieve the best possible safety handling conditions and reduce potential corrosion problems in the process.

Paraffin and wax inhibitors

Process chemistry that prevents precipitation of paraffin and wax deposits in oil, thus improving flow characteristics.