Rodanco Cargo Treatment

Get on-spec with Rodanco

In addition to the development, production and supply of oil additives and oilfield process chemicals, Rodanco also provides a full service package, from technological analysis and practical advice on physical arrangements and mechanical processes to tailor-made chemical formulations for optimum results.


Shipping solutions
The quality and properties of any particular product or intermediate can change as it is loaded on ships destined for ports, terminals and end users around the globe. Anytime during these processes problems with H2S, pour point, water content (haze) may surface. Count on the Rodanco team of experts to solve these problems and keep your shipment on track.

Pipeline solutions
Pipeline transportation offers a variety of challenges with regard to compliance with required specifications, as these often vary from other forms of transportation and terminal tank specs. Issues with H2S, pour point, cloud point, water content (haze), stability and biological activity are but a few examples. Rodanco gladly helps you out.

Terminal tank solutions
Once your product arrives at the terminal tank, Rodanco quickly and effectively solves any problems you may encounter with regard to H2S, pour point, cold flow, stability, water content (haze) and odour.

Rodanco Cargo Treatment offers you

  • 24/7 Full Service
  • Wide range of premium stock products
  • Tailored solutions for optimum results
  • REACH compliance at all times