Introducing Rodanco’s New Green Oil-Soluble Multi-purpose Cleaner: CL 2220

Rodanco is excited to unveil its latest innovation: the Green Oil-Soluble Multi-purpose Cleaner, CL 2220, designed for most medium-duty (steam) cleaning and decontamination tasks.

Discover the key features of CL 2220:

  • Stable Emulsion (>24h): CL 2220 effortlessly forms a stable emulsion when mixed with water, allowing for easy application and preventing soil redeposition. With dilutions ranging from 0.25% to 10%, it is ideal for economically cleaning large-volume installations.
  • Green (Bio-Sourced Solvent): Embracing sustainability, CL 2220 utilizes bio-sourced solvents, ensuring environmental
    friendliness without compromising on effectiveness.
  • ARBO-Friendly: With a hazard label-free Safety Data Sheet (SDS), neutral pH, and a high flash point, CL 2220 prioritizes safety and environmental responsibility.


“We are pleased to introduce CL 2220, our new Green Oil-Soluble Multi-purpose Cleaner” said Audrey Doron, Rodanco R&D Manager. “This innovative solution not only delivers superior cleaning performance but also aligns with our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.”

If you are interested or want to request a sample of CL 2220, please contact us. Join us in embracing a cleaner, greener future with Rodanco’s latest cleaning solution.



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