Rodanco’s Flocculants Biofloc 100 and Biofloc 200 are now CEFAS registered.

Rodanco is proud to announce a groundbreaking achievement in environmental science and sustainable technologies; Our latest bioflocculants, Biofloc 100 and Biofloc 200, have received official registration from the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS) and have been accepted onto the Definitive OCNS Ranked lists of Registered Products suitable for use by the offshore oil and gas industry.

With this milestone, Biofloc 100 and Biofloc 200 are now authorized for use in the North Sea under the offshore chemicals notification scheme (OCNS). Both products hold NL HMCS Category: R for NL and Gold with no-Sub for UK, indicating their superior environmental safety. Both products are non-hazardous to the environment according to OSPAR decision 2000/2 on a Harmonized Mandatory Control System for the use and discharge of Offshore Chemicals (No-substitution warning: readily biodegradable, non-bioaccumulating, and non-toxic for marine species).

Flocculants play a crucial role in water treatment, facilitating the removal of pollutants such as oil and sediments from water bodies. However, traditional flocculants often pose environmental risks (as they contains micro-plastics). Our newly registered bioflocculant offers a safe and effective alternative, leveraging natural processes to address water pollution challenges.

“We are thrilled to announce the CEFAS registration of our bioflocculant”, said Romeo Lachman, Rodanco Managing Director. “This recognition validates our dedication to developing sustainable solutions for water treatment. With Biofloc 100 and Biofloc 200, we aim to contribute to cleaner waterways and a healthier environment.”

Interested in these innovative Bioflocculants, please contact us. Rodanco remains committed to driving environmental stewardship through innovation and eco-friendly solutions.

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