We train, motivate and evaluate

Our commitment to Quality, Health & Safety and the Environment forms an integral part of the corporate philosophy of Rodanco. As a consequence, we continuously monitor and improve our systems and procedures. We train, motivate and evaluate our employees to maintain a healthy and safe workplace while achieving the highest quality levels. We comply with strict guidelines that meet client specifications and international QSHE standards to protect both employees and customers, suppliers, communities and the environment.

Rodanco complies with the REACH chemical risk regulations set by the EU in 2007 and is ISO 9001:2015 plus ISO 14001:2015  certified. 

Environmental policy statement:

  • Reduction of energy consumption at our offices
  • Reducing chemical waste
  • Ensure all waste are separated
  • Working with companies processing environmental permits and /or ISO 14001 or similar
  • Transport of dangerous products by ADR certified companies / drivers
  • Disposal of hazardous waste and packing material only via legally recognized companies


Health and Safety policy statement:

  • Accident prevention is everyone’s responsibility
  • Safety rules will be respected at all times
  • Safe handling and use of substances and products is everyone’s responsibility
  • Work environment and exposure to hazards can be controlled.
  • Unsafe conditions and all incidents must be reported immediately
  • Management ensures that employees are competent to do their work, and provide adequate training