Mission, Vision and Strategy

At Rodanco, our objective is to be a major player in the fuel oil additives and oilfield process chemicals market. Our ambitions go hand in hand with our incessant commitment to quality.
We are dedicated to continuous improvement of our products, people and services as we aim to ensure full customer satisfaction through the development, production and supply quality products.

True added value for all our stakeholders is what matters the most to us. With this in mind, we use our ever growing expertise to develop and supply innovative solutions that not only meet our customers’ needs, but also exceed expectations time and again.

By optimally developing people, resources, products and markets, guaranteeing employment, achieving growth and ensuring a good return for the invested capital of the shareholder(s). The products are developed and produced sustainable wherever possible. The starting points here are the development and use of sustainable products, which are in accordance with regulations and legislation, are less harmful to the environment and in which the safety for humans, animals and the environment is respected.